Any professional service is allowed (legitimate of course). While we will do our best to verify the legitimacy listings we will under no circumstances accept responsibility for false advertising of any kind. If we determine a listing is not legitimate we will remove it immediately. No personals ads or ads for illegal drugs or activity considered a violation of any law.

Yes & no, you may place your ads for free, but to have your ad upgraded to a featured listing a $5.00 fee is applied.

Ads remain active for 30 days and must be renewed before they expire to ensure continued relevance. For a small fee, Ads may be extended beyond 30 days or permanently.

Click on ‘Submit Ad’ on the top right corner if you have an account, log in if not register.

Yes. You can change your ad listing from free to paid anytime, simply log into your CBL account and edit the Ad(s) you want to upgrade ay the required fee and that’s it.

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